Are We Matching Our Dogs Diet with their Lifestyle

Yes, I often ask myself “Are we matching our dog’s diet with their lifestyle” and I am still concerned that I am not. I have an 8-year-old and under one-year-old dogs and I worry that I am not feeding them properly.

I feed great food, you know, the food that costs more than what you buy for yourself. They get a great slice of Beef Chub, Salmon, and Sweet Potato for dry food and 95% Beef treats on a daily basis. Here’s my concern: I have no doubt that the young one is getting what she needs but is my older dog getting more than she needs.

I’ve recently noticed dog food saying something like “for all pet ages” which is a wonderful idea but I have this gut feeling that it isn’t entirely true. If you have input on the “for all ages” food please let me and the readers know. It’s a mystery that needs solving for the benefit of my older dog.

Here’s a post from a relatively new magazine called K9 Magazine. Thanks, K9 Magazine for prompting me to look into this further.

Matching Your Dog’s Diet With Their Lifestyle

What you put in your dog’s food bowl has a direct correlation to his health and happiness. There are several similarities between humans and dogs concerning nutrients and proper feeding. Learn about proper dog nutrition and how to keep your dog in optimum health through high-quality nutrition. It’s never been more important to recognize the connection between good health, longevity, good behavior, great condition, and all-round vitality with the diet we provide for our canine friends. Our dogs rely on us entirely for their nutrition and knowing more about this specific topic is so important it can literally add years to your dog’s life..

Dogs, like humans, are omnivores. This means that we need both meat and vegetables in order to be healthy.

Essential Dog Nutrition

Our diet should include the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals that is necessary to acquire optimum health. We also need an unlimited supply of water to keep our bodies functioning and alive.

Bert the Corgi

My Online Buddy “Bert”

Similar to humans, dogs need to be fed according to their age, size, shape, and lifestyle. For example, a sheepdog that is working in a field will have a different diet than a little Chihuahua that is living in a small house.

Similarly, a pregnant female dog will have a different diet than that of an average male dog, and her puppies will require a higher amount of nutrients in order for them to grow healthy and strong. The aging dog will require different levels of nutrition than that of a growing puppy.

Therefore, it is crucial to know what type of food to give your pet, as well as the type of food to avoid. It is also important that you do not overfeed your dog.

Although you may think that you are being a good owner by giving him big meals and lots of tasty snacks, what you are actually doing is harming the animal. By giving your dog more food than what his body requires, you are encouraging obesity and paving the way for illnesses such as diabetes.

There are many different kinds of dog food on the market today. The majority of these foods contain the right amount of nutrients that your dog needs for a well-balanced diet.

The three types of food that you can choose for your dog are canned foods, semi-moist foods, and dry foods. In addition to his regular meals, there is also a wide selection of snacks and treats that you can give him for those times that he is well-behaved and during training sessions.


It makes sense that what we feed our dogs over their lifetime has a lot to do with their lifespan and their quality of life what they are with us. We need to be sure that we have made the right choices with regard to the dog food we feed our pets. As I say this to you I also am saying it to myself. I have some work to do here as well.

So we should all ask ourselves, perhaps again, “Are We Matching Our Dogs Diet with their Lifestyle” and stay with that question until we get it right. Our pets will love us for it and they will show it by more energy, fewer vet visits, shinier coats, better teeth, and much more.  All the best to you and your little ones.

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