American Pit Bull Terrier Truth or Hype

So I will ask you, is all the bad press about the American Pit Bull Terrier Truth or Hype? I’ve had this pet blog for some time. I’ve been wanting to wade into this controversy for some time now. I didn’t because I had nothing to offer but an opinion which is not based on personal experience.

I happened across this video over at Dogan Dogs Video Blog and decided it was time to wade into the turbulent waters of the Pit Bull argument. The Dogan Dogs Video Blog has some very informative posts and videos for your entertainment so give the blog a visit. It’s not just another blog.

Back to our Pit Bull controversy. It has affected Pit Bulls beginning from Pit Bull puppies on up to the animal shelter or animal rescue. We may be able to agree that bad news travels fastest. With the American Pit Bull Terrier bad news makes news. If you have Pit Bull Kennels then you must be engaged in Pit Bull dog fighting. If you have an American Staffordshire Terrier or a Rottweiler then you are very close to being categorized with the Pit Bull.  As the video says, “any strong dog with a square head has been considered dangerous.”

If you have bought into the hype about Pit Bulls then please, take a few minutes to watch this very well made video about the History of the American Pit Bull Terrier. After all, shouldn’t the other side of the Pit Bull argument have a chance to tell their story?

Enjoy “Pit Proud – The History of the Pit Bull”

Video Courtesy of The Dog Files Blog a great place to spend some time.

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I hope that after seeing this video you may have a bit of increased understanding for the Pit Bull Breed. Perhaps you can better answer the question: “American Pit Bull Terrier Truth or Hype and, when you see who made the video I think you will be even more impressed.

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8 Responses to “American Pit Bull Terrier Truth or Hype”

  1. I don’t think anyone can “wade” into the Pit Bull controversy – it’s more like a head-first dive off a high cliff.
    The “hype” is true. These horror stories that we read about – too often – are not made-up to scare or entertain the populace (which they do extremely well on both accounts).
    These involve REAL dogs attacking and injuring REAL people and animals.
    That said, it’s also true that the human species is the most vicious of all. Does that make grandma vicious?
    All individual dogs, like people, have individual personalities. I have seven dogs and each one is different than the other.
    My brother, two sisters and I have vastly different personalities.
    Saying that my dogs and all others grouped under “Pit Bulls” – which, by the way, includes American Staffordshire Terriers in many ‘legal’ definitions – are all alike is like saying white men are the same. Rush Limbaugh, anyone? Harry Reid? Jeffrey Dahmer? Barry Manilow?

  2. Hello Pit Owner, Thank you for that insightful comment. I hope it gets read by many. I know each dog is as different in personality as are we humans. I also believe the human owner to be responsible for that dog’s behavior. Therein lies the problem. The humans do the deed and the dogs get the blame. Maybe things will change. And yes, I know there are many horror stories out there but you can’t take down an entire breed(s) for the misdeeds of some owner who don’t have it together. Maybe if enough owners get sued the tide will turn and they will pick on Ferrets or something. (Sorry Ferret owners) Just an example. Thanks again for your comment. All the best.

  3. pitbull tips says:

    why does this page look horrible on an Iphone?

  4. Hi Pit Bull Tips: Sorry but do not have the answer to your question however I do thank you for visiting. All the best.

  5. Excellent post! And props to Dog Files Blog for the fantastic video! I love Mr. Hector the pitty – he’s so adorably submissive to his daddy’s attention 🙂 And Smokey is TOO CUTE with the little girl. I love that she reads to him, haha! This made my day, thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Katie, thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate your visit and all the great things the Dog Files Blog bring to the pet community.

  7. Rodrigo Rozman says:

    We really admire the way your blog is made. Would you mind telling me what theme your using?

  8. Hello Rodrigo Rozman,

    Thank you for your comment. Much Appreciated. This theme is the ENews Theme by Elegant Themes. They have lots to choose from. There is a small yearly fee and you can use as many themes as you like for that year. Check them out.

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