Alternative Healing for our Pets at Home | Homeopathy

Alternative Healing for our Pets at Home and Homeopathy is a viable method of taking care of your dog or cat. To do so one needs information and a qualified DVM who can show you how and how much and when.

I absolutely hate going to the Vet’s office. I’m sure for the exact same reasons you do.

I have found such a DVM in Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM. He uses a lot of alternative methods in his practice. He has written a number of educational e-books and made a number of educational DVDs for those of us that would like to become knowledgeable about taking better care of our pets at home. After all, conventional medications are just as harmful to our pets as they are to us, as a general statement.

Let’s see what Dr. Jones has to say about Homeopathy and your pets.

Healing With Homeopathy by Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

Homeopathy is a branch of holistic medicine. It involves the use of various plants, minerals and other biological substances in very small doses with the goal to stimulate a pet’s natural healing defenses. Homeopathy is based on the application of the ‘Law of Similars’, or like cures in which a homeopathic medicine (homeopathic remedy) is used to create a reaction that is similar to a symptom of a particular disease.

With a sick pet, the symptoms we see are actually the results of the efforts of the pet’s body to re-establish balance or wellness, and the thought is that by using a treatment that would cause symptoms close to what the pet is experiencing, you will induce your pet’s body to build natural defenses.

Scientific Studies

The Lancet (September 20, 1997) published a review of 89 double-blind or randomized placebo- controlled clinical trials (Are the clinical effects of homeopathy placebo effects? A meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials). The authors found that homeopathic medicines had a 2.45 times greater effect than placebo overall. Their conclusion: “The results of our meta-analysis are not compatible with the hypothesis that the clinical effects of homeopathy are completely due to placebo.”

These homeopathics work great!

Arnica 30C – For any injury. Bruises. Sprains. Physical exhaustion. Muscle aches.

Arsenicum album 30C – Upset stomach. Vomiting. Diarrhea (as from food poisoning). Major remedy for coughing in cats. Fear/anxiety.

Dr. Jones has an entire video, and a COMPLETE section on his TOP and ADVISED Homeopathic Remedies Free!

If you have interest in finding out how to heal your dog or cat at home, keep them healthy and help them live longer lives please do check into this free material.

Disclosure-Should you make a purchase from Dr. Jones I may receive a commission on that sale. As Always, use due diligence before you make internet purchases from anyone.

Alternative Healing for our Pets at Home | Homeopathy is an area that can bring great benefits. Of course that is your decision. All natural is probably something you would do for yourself whenever possible so why not for your pets.

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