Black Pheasants and Rice Krispies

I have a long time friend in England who lives in a beautiful forest near the border of Wales.

It’s a very protected area. There is an abundance of wildlife thriving in the area.

I always love to hear her stories about all the deer, wild boar, rabbits and other beautiful creatures that thrive there.PheasantBlack

This spring, a bunch of pheasants showed up in her husband’s huge vegetable garden.  He started carrying Rice Krispies with him. In no time at all he had them eating out of his hand.

The one that amazes him is a Black Pheasant.  Apparently a Black Pheasant is very rare. It follows him around like a puppy!  Every time he goes outside…there is the Black Pheasant waiting for him and his Rice Krispies.

Guest Post by Ann Clark September 1, 2009 RIP

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