Bantam Chicken Breed Something to think about

Bantam Chicken Breed Something to think about reminded me that as a child on the farm we had lots of chickens. We had Bantams too. The Bantam roosters were famous for ruling the roost. A small chicken they were certainly pushy. We enjoyed watching them. Maybe it was overcompensation for their size I don’t know but they sure were an enjoyable breed.

I found this article very informative and since I have yet to bring you information about chickens I thought this a good place to start. It is a perfect breed for those that are a bit short of space for chicken raising.

Notice that they need a somewhat different size chicken coop so keep that in mind. It should help if you have a space problem.

Be sure to click on the icons for pictures of the various breeds.

Enjoy this information on the Bantam Chicken BreedBantam Chickens

In the chicken world, the Bantam Chicken Breed is well known. Although a small bird, approximately one quarter the size of a regular breed, it has its own unique characteristics. History relates that they originally came from the city of Bantam in Indonesia and they were spread throughout the world by seafaring men who found them easy to carry on journeys, supplying both eggs and meat for the crew.

There are a number of different breeds of this bird, each having its own special characteristics. A few of the breeds are the Cochin, Japanese, Barnevelder, common Bantam, Polish, D’Uccle, Old English Game, Pekin, Serama and Sussex bantams. Each has different characteristics.

The Pekin breed, for example, has feathers on their legs and feet, with plumage that hangs to the ground. The Polish chicken has pink, purple and blue colors and produce pure white eggs. Both of these breeds are very popular for shows. The Cochin is the largest, weighing as much as 11 pounds, while the Barnevelder is popular for egg production, carcass and shows.

The coloring of the bantam is beautiful and has more varied and colorful patterns than regular chickens. They are used as show chickens, as well as layers, and are very popular with 4-H clubs as they are easy to handle and display. They require the same amount of food as a larger breed even though they are smaller.

While the hen is quiet, the rooster can be aggressive, puffing up when aroused and is very well known in the UK. The hen is an excellent egg producer as well as for hatching eggs and is very protective of her brood. Many people have adopted them as pets because of their ability for removing large numbers of various insects from flower and vegetable gardens.

There are a number of advantages to raising bantams. Their beautiful coloring and variety of feathering make them a very attractive pest or show birds and they do not require a great deal of space. The hens, are excellent with hatching their eggs and have also been used to hatch the eggs of birds, quail and geese. For those who want to enter them in competition, their size makes them very easy to transport to and fro. In addition, they use up much smaller yard or coop space than regular sized chickens.

People who have these chicken as egg producers keep them in specially built pens. These pens are smaller than those needed for regular sized birds. It is always recommended that the coop get plenty of morning sun because warmth is important for them.

Of course, the pen should be raised enough above ground to allow good air circulation, as well as keeping the pen dry. Clean straw should be provided and changed on a regular basis to avoid any chance of disease. If there is danger of predators then adequate wire protection should also be provided. With good care it can be expected that a member of the Bantam Chicken Breed will live approximately 10 years.

I have detailed the 4 different chicken types that are available depending on the reasons for keeping chickens. You can also find further information on the planning stages of building your own chicken coop at

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  1. Tommy Osborne says:

    Sirs, can I get some of these bantams, if you have some for sale please let me know.
    Tommy Osborne

  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article very much. Great content about the bantams. I think you and your readers may be interested in my blog. Keeping Chickens

  3. Hello Brian at how to build a chicken coop Thank you so much for all that great information for my readers. I know it will help someone. Wish I had the space and location. I would have many chickens and others running about. All the best.

  4. Brian at how to build a chicken coop says:

    What do I need to get started with raising chickens?
    Obviously, you need chickens. You can buy adult chickens or fertile chicken eggs that you incubate and hatch. More commonly,

    backyard hobbyists start with newly hatched chicks purchased from hatcheries or feed stores. If you want hatchery

    Before you actually get your chickens, you need to prepare a home for them. Print off this checklist to make sure everything

    is ready for your new chicken pets:
    • A chicken house: The chicken house should serve several functions. First, it keeps your chickens shielded from the

    elements, including rain, sun and snow. Second, it protects them from hungry predators like your neighbor’s dogs or wild

    hawks. Third, it provides them with a safe place to run around, stretch their wings and enjoy fresh air.
    • A brooder if you’re starting with new chicks: Chicks typically have a mother hen to keep them warm. Since you don’t

    have one, a heat lamp and brooder setup can accomplish this artificially.
    • Chicken food and fresh water: Whether you mix your own chicken feed or buy commercially prepared chicken feed, you

    need to give your birds the right nutrients for their stage of life.

  5. Brian from how to build a chicken coop says:

    A healthy chicken is a happy chicken and a happy chicken lays more eggs and a clean and tidy chicken coop makes for happy chickens.

  6. Sweet article, great website design, continue the good work


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